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Could pool water be damaging your eyes?

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A dip in the pool can certainly be refreshing, but the chlorine in some of those pools could cause serious damage to your eyes.

Many pools use chlorine to help kill the bacteria that may be swimming around the pool with you.  But using too much chlorine can create other problems.

"In pools nowadays they put a lot of chemicals in the pool and people can develop what is called chemical conjunctivitis," said Dr. Rishi Singh of the Cleveland Clinic. 

The ophthalmologist says the infection can cause problems like blurriness, redness and even pain in your eyes.

Dr. Singh advises to rinse out your eyes after swimming, even if they don't feel very irritated.  Also, take out your contacts before getting in the pool. 

"You don't want to wear your contact lenses while swimming because bugs and bacteria can basically sit below the contact lens and cause an infection," Dr. Singh explained. 

He says goggles are the best way to protect your eyes while swimming. 

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