Hope you weren't planning on watching the Tribe game...

Hope you weren't planning on watching the Tribe game...

Saturday night's Indians game is not on television. How is that possible? A Saturday night, divisional game, is not on? Nope. And it's not the Tribe's fault. Blame Major League Baseball.

Fox has exclusive rights when they show a game on Saturday. Since they decided to air the Texas vs. Detroit game, and that game happens to be at 7:00, no other games can be shown on television at 7:00. See, their thinking is that if you want to watch baseball, you'll now watch their game instead of the game you wanted to see. Major League Baseball was more than happy to accept their money for this, and then on a weekly basis tell its fans to go jump in a lake if they want to watch their teams. They'll have to watch what Fox says we can watch.

This is so colossally stupid, selfish and asinine I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll start with them thinking this will get them a ton of additional viewers. Most of the Indians fans I know will turn on SportsTime Ohio. They'll find out the game is not on, so they'll go and do something else! The majority of them are not going to click over to watch Texas and Detroit. Why would they care about Texas and Detroit, THEY DON'T LIVE IN TEXAS OR DETROIT!!!

How many people will actually click over to watch the Fox game? One out of 10? Out of five? It can't be that many. That means baseball is either so stupid they think they're like the NFL, where fans will watch any game, or worse, they just don't care. They don't care that the vast majority of their fans will be screwed, because they're getting paid to do it.

You can't watch Saturday's Indians game because Fox wants to televise a game from Detroit. Does that make sense to anybody? No. Well, unless you're getting a big fat check, I guess then you can justify it. To anybody not on the take, the practice is completely illogical.

This same kind of money grubbing is why ESPN had to shut down their extremely popular NFL Prime Time show. NBC paid the NFL to tell other networks they could not do any highlight driven shows after 7:00 on Sunday night. The league happily accepted the check, shut other networks down (they weren't paying them for Sundays, so they didn't care) and now fans get stuck with NBC's sub-standard Football Night In America. The show is garbage. The product is worse. The fans aren't as happy. The league doesn't care. They celebrate it because they got paid. What a bunch of shmucks. Enjoy the Tigers game tonight.