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Reopening of Cleveland Catholic Churches called a "Miracle"

Cleveland -

Church goers at St. Casimir's Church in Cleveland were singing "return our churches to us," at Sunday mass.  The words of that song so fitting on a day when the faithful here are celebrating the one year anniversary of the day when the Vatican returned their church and close to a dozen other Catholic churches to their parishioners.

"It is our duty as a Catholic to stand up when something is wrong," says Joe Feckanin, a long time parishioner of the church.

Joe Feckanin is one of several who helped appeal to Rome to have St. Casimir's reopening. He was also one of dozens who came to the church for 139 consecutive Sundays for vigils outside on the sidewalk when a chain link fence and padlock kept everyone out.

"some people say it's a miracle," added Feckanin.

The reopening of the church has meant that family traditions that have gone on for last hundred years can keep on going.

"My grandmother got married here, my mother, my sister and so did my daughter," says Marguerite Anthony, another long time member.

"Memories of our childhood are all here. The church was a part of it. They used to have dances in the street it was fantastic," adds Anthony.

There is a message that the people in this church have for parishioners in other churches that may or may not have been reopened. That is to give thanks. To have faith.

"Don't give up. It's up to you. Just because man does something wrong. It doesn't mean that the faith is wrong," says Feckanin with a smile.

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