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Hidden lake dangers for dogs

A Day at the beach is not only refreshing for man but your beast too, but underneath it all there is a hidden danger.

Dr Ronald Busack, a veterinarian has unfortunately seen fatalities from dogs swimming and drinking toxic algae He says, not all algae is bad but the problem is you don't which one is good or bad, so you should assume it's all bad.

And the dogs most at risk are dogs who love the water which is typical for those dog breeds that love to hunt.

Dr. Busack adds, "the algae attacks the nervous system and the liver. And unfortunately your pet could be dead within three hours."

Right now there are parts of the lake that are not contaminated with the blue green algae, but retention ponds can prove to be deadly because stagnant water breeds it.

One dog owner told us, "I know the algae is on the western side of the lake and it's moving this way."

The blue green algae is expected near Huntington Beach late July through early August.

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