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Cleveland reacts to Zimmerman verdict

George Zimmerman George Zimmerman

It is what just about everyone is talking about, the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial.

The neighborhood watchman found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin.

"It is just hard to believe that there's somebody who is dead and the person who did it is free," says Anthony Zrinyi.

"I am so sorry it happened, but, I don't think I have all the facts to agree or disagree," says Dee Marsky.

More than half of Clevelanders we asked did not want to share their opinion about the verdict. Those who did, had plenty to say.

"I was in total shock because I was not expecting not guilty. I was expecting maybe manslaughter," says Yvonne Larkin.

"It's the sad result of a law, maybe being applied correctly but the law itself seems hopelessly flawed, explains Abigail Plumb-Larrick. While Kyle Earley agrees. He says, "It's just too broad and that is what affected the outcome of this case.

Whether you agree with the verdict or not... one thing many agree on is that it is sparking conversation.

"Anytime there's tragedy in the country the smartest thing to do is stick together and pray." said Zrinyi.

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