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Johnny Drama! Manziel defends behavior

Johnny Football is a Heisman Trophy winner, and one of the most popular student-athletes in the nation, but on Wednesday afternoon the Texas A&M quarterback made it clear he does not feel he should be held to "a higher standard".

Manziel's short career with the the Aggies is filled with countless highlights and dozens of off-field encounters that have brought him national attention. Between controversial Twitter pictures and an arrest for underage drinking, Johnny has had a lot more going on than football.

Most recently, Manziel left the Manning quarterback camp early after originally joining as a counselor/coach. The early departure left him under scrutiny from many media sources for suspicion of being too hungover to participate in the camp. Wednesday afternoon, Manziel had his first opportunity to tell his side of the story to the media.

Manziel said he bit off more than he could chew the week of camp and overslept the morning he left the facility. He went on to claim that he was absolutely not hungover that morning, but would not go into detail about what activities he participated in the prior night.

"There's a lot of rumors out there, a lot of talk," Manziel said. "I've been very eager to get a chance to share my side of the story. I missed a meeting. It wasn't anything due to the night was just simply my phone died, I overslept, I woke up the next morning whenever I did, went and talked to them and it was kind of a mutual decision to get home and get some time to relax."

Despite the firestorm of criticism coming from fans and coaches around the country, Manziel still believes he has the right to live like a 20-year-old college student.

"I feel like I am on a little bit higher pedestal than most people in college football," Manziel said. "But at the same time, I'm still 20 years old, I'm still a sophomore in college, I'm still going to do things that everyone in college does and continue to live my life. Hopefully people don't hold me to a higher standard than that."

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