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Heat Wave: Working hot jobs in the summer sun

Best Buy Painting Best Buy Painting
Beckham's B & M Bar-B-Que Beckham's B & M Bar-B-Que

When the mercury and the humidity rise, there are a couple of jobs that you're probably glad you don't have.

"The fryer and the griddle together are probably 4-500 degrees all the time and they gotta stand in front of it all day," said Sandy Waddell, with The Nosh Box food truck.

And how would you like a gig in this heat wearing a giant furry pink bunny costume?

"They asked me to promote a Christmas Story," said budding young actor, Evan Vazquez.

In Highland Heights, a crew from Best Buy Painting is actually working longer hours in this heat. The recent two weeks of rain cost them time and money.

"We got really backed up because you need 24 hours dry time to prep, prime and throw a coat of paint on," said Owner Brad Pietrafese.

He says they can't afford to shut down the job site, so they work smarter to keep the crew from overheating.

"We take more breaks, take a lot of water breaks...find a shaded spot on the house so we are not working directly in the sun," Pietrafese said.

With only about 11 prime weeks left to get nearly two dozen job orders completed, they have to work through it. And that's something other people on the job today can understand.

"If you can't stand the heat, got to get out of the kitchen," bellowed Greg Beckham, grill master at B&M Bar-B-Que.

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