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The time is NOW for the Tribe

Cleveland (WOIO) - In 2004, the Boston Red Sox ended their 86-year drought by winning the World Series with one player who had come up through their minor league system, Trot Nixon. I bring this up because I've always been a guy who's willing to trade any prospect, at any time, if it'll put you over the top, and while some will argue that it's easier for a team like the Red Sox to win big without developing the majority of their roster, I say, it's even more important for teams like the Indians to do it.

Sure, the Red Sox spend far more money than the Indians. They obviously attract bigger and better free agents, and those players, like Manny Ramirez, put them over the top in '04 and '07. But the window is smaller for teams like the Tribe. When they're in position to win, as they are again this summer, they need to go for it. The time is now. In professional sports, where there are no guarantees, but there are career-altering injuries, and prospects who simply don't pan out, there is no tomorrow.

Does this mean I would trade a future phenom like Francisco Lindor, the shortstop of the future who's made his way up to AA Akron? Not necessarily. Not for a two-month rental like Matt Garza, anyway. Of course a mid-to-small market club needs to develop its' talent, especially high draft picks. That's what finally put the Tampa Bay Rays in the mix.

But as the end of July, and with it the trade deadline, rapidly approaches, I wouldn't pass up many opportunities that could affect the present, for the gamble that is the future. The Indians have a shot in 2013. They need to take it.

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