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Cleveland moving ahead with body cameras for police officers

19 Action News has learned the city of Cleveland will spend nearly $2.5 million to buy body cameras for police officers.

For months, the city has been debating whether it should get cameras for all patrol cars or get the body cameras for officers to wear.

"I want the public to see what we deal with everyday, so the suspects doesn't all of a sudden become the good guys," said Jeff Follmer, president of the Cleveland Police Union.

Cleveland Police have been under pressure to get police cameras since last November's deadly police chase. Police shot and killed two unarmed suspects with 137 shots. The two eluded police and drove at officers while trying to escape. Not every patrol car had cameras installed to capture the chase.

Civil rights attorney David Malik also recently settled a lawsuit with the city over a violent arrest. The settlement included a call for police cameras.

Right now, CPD has only a handful of cameras in patrol cars. The new body cameras will allow them to record everywhere they go, including foot pursuits.

A few city officers have worn body cameras on a trial basis. It's not clear when the new body cameras will be used by police.  

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