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Beating the heat, even at night

When it gets this hot and the sun goes down, the heat does not decrease. So you really have to do your best to try to keep cool, even in the evening.

The 19 Action News team went around to see how people are coping with the heat during the evening hours.

Saud Alnakkas was practicing by himself for a soccer game a couple hours away. The weather was still in the mid-80's and he was being cautious.

Alnakkas suggested, "Drinking water, keep on resting, go in the shade, like an hour and then have a break." 

To Saud this heat is nothing, he's from Kuwait, he says, "Kuwait? It's like a spring day here. Yea, I know, Kuwait, it's like 160 or 150. It's crazy."

During a free concert outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, people had different ways of trying to stay cool.

Patron Tom Brickner was using a couple cold ones to help him beat the heat.

Another patron, Matt Brewer, found the perfect perch to help him keep cool during the show. He said, "well, it's a nice little tuck away.  I can hear the sound check and just relax and enjoy the show you know. It's nice. Beautiful here."

From a cool ice cream cone to some fun along the lake, enjoy the summer heat, but take it slow and easy.

19 Action News meteorologist Jon Loufman says in a typical summer, we have 8 or 9 days that are 90 degrees or higher. Last summer, there were 28 days over 90.  This summer, so far we're at 5. 

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