It's the 2nd Half, are you excited yet? No?

It's the 2nd Half, are you excited yet? No?

It is officially the second half of the baseball season, so what will the excuse be now?

Frequently when the Indians are playing good baseball early in the season the naysayers love to jump in and say "talk to me at the All Star break, if they're still in it," or some variance of that. Well, the All Star break is over. They're 1.5 games out of first place. What will the excuse to not support the team be now?

Wait, I can answer this for you. "Wait till they make a trade. They need to show the fans they're serious." Really. Like in 2007? When they made it to the All Star break, and then did make a trade at the deadline (Kenny Lofton) and still nobody showed up or gave them a chance? Or you mean like two years ago when they were in it and swung a deal for the best pitcher available on the market in Ubaldo Jimenez? Jimenez has been lousy, but that does not change the fact that they got aggressive and made a move that "showed they were serious." You don't trade your best two pitching prospects if you're not serious.

See, I know where this is going. Nobody is going to show up, and the naysayers will never settle in and order that plate of crow. If this team continues to stay in the race I fully expect ALL of the fans (not just the die hards) to concede the team is actually good, and show up- in September. That's about when they started showing in 2007. They finished in the bottom third in attendance that year and a decent September is the only thing that got them that high.

The only way the Indians can ever end this kind of thing is to, in the cleaned up words of Jake Taylor, "win the whole freaking thing." That might do it, and even then I'm not sure.

In the meantime, they can just keep spinning their wheels trying to get spinning turnstyles.

I can't wait for the year where the Browns start 3-0 and fans are going out of their minds with excitement. I'll remind everybody to settle down, stop showing any kind of excitement and stop saying on the radio and TV that the team is actually good. The team is a complete fraud, it will NOT win the Super Bowl and I'll be proven accurate in a month or two, so stop acting ridiculous like this means anything. Remember, that's Cleveland Sports Logic. Actually, it's not. It's just Cleveland Baseball Logic. After all, I can't expect Cleveland fans to hold their football team and baseball team to the same standard, can I? The Indians die hards know exactly what I'm talking about.