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Logan's Heroes: Lemonade stand for little boy with cancer

Lemonade Stand for Logan in North Olmsted Lemonade Stand for Logan in North Olmsted

On a hot Friday afternoon, in North Olmsted 12 year old Gillian Lewis set up a lemonade stand for a little boy named Logan. Gillian also sold treats and jewelry. 

"I thought since he and his family were in need that I would donate all the proceeds to him and his family," says Gillian Lewis.

Logan's just 9 years old. He was diagnosed with brain cancer two months ago. He's undergoing treatment. He along with his family and friends are hopeful he'll pull through.

Strangers are touched by his story and Gillian's kind heart to help him out.

"My daughter Jessica happens to play on the soccer team with Logan's sister. So we thought we'd come down and help out," says John Yelsick.

"It hit closer to home and it's something we wanted to do. You know something small but anything to help," explains Gillian's dad, Mark Lewis.

The gesture is being felt by an entire community that wants the best for a brave little boy.  Smile and be happy," says Mary Lewis.

"Makes me feel lucky that I don't have to go through that cause it's rough," explains Gillian.

Gillian hopes her lemonade stand will stand for something even bigger, the gift to give when others may be faced with a challenge. 

"There's always somebody who's having a worse day than you are, and I think you should help them out," says Gillian.

Gillian's lemonade stand raised more than $400 for Logan. Not bad for a day's work!

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