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East Cleveland Police find two more bodies near Shaw and Hayden

Three bodies found in the same neighborhood in East Cleveland Three bodies found in the same neighborhood in East Cleveland

East Cleveland police have discovered two bodies on the same block where they found a decomposing body in a garage Friday.

The chief of police confirmed that homicide investigators found the bodies Saturday afternoon in an abandoned house, just steps away from where they discovered a woman's body Friday.

During a news conference Saturday, the East Cleveland chief of police said that the bodies are linked to Friday's discovery. The chief also gave descriptions of the bodies, which are all young black females. Police suspect they were killed in the last six to ten days. 

According to the chief, the first victim was 5' 3" and weighed 110 lbs. The second victim was wearing a green hoodie, and had a tattoo of a pink and green flower on her left thigh. The third victim was wearing a purple leopard print top.

All three of the bodies were found wrapped in plastic.

Early Friday morning cops were called to the scene of a body found at Shaw and Hayden in East Cleveland. The body was found in a bag, next to a car in a garage, behind an apartment building.

Police connected the car to a Michael Madison who lives in the same neighborhood where the body was located.

After a short standoff at his mother's house, Madison was arrested at the corner of E. 197 and Chickasaw.

Police say Madison alluded that there may be more bodies in the area, which prompted the search today.

Brandon Trussell said he was recently incarcerated with Madison.

"He was not stable," said Trussell.

He said Madison told him he admired convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell.

"Yeah, he said he respected him," said Trussell.

All of this is too much for neighbors.

"Something like this is very upsetting to me, to my kids and to my grandchildren," said neighbor Bernadette Bass.

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