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EXCLUSIVE: Former girlfriend of East Cleveland suspect speaks out

The former girlfriend of Michael Madison, the suspect connected to three female bodies found in East Cleveland, discussed her relationship with him in an exclusive interview with 19 Action News Reporter Jen Picciano Sunday.

The woman, who didn't want to be identified, said that shortly after she began dating Michael Madison she felt unsafe.

She says when she tried to end their relationship, he threatened her life. 

"He pulled out a gun, and pointed a gun to my head and asked me if was I ready to die?," the woman said.

The woman said Madison threatened her multiple times.

 "I feel like he searched the streets for young girls or women like me," she said.

 The woman said she felt relieved she and her children got away safely when she learned  Madison was arrested in connection with the bodies found. However, she also admits she felt  guilty for not speaking up sooner.

"I feel bad because I feel like if I had pressed charges maybe the women might still be here," she added.

East Cleveland Police thoroughly searched the Hayden and Shaw area today after a cadaver dog hit, but they didn't find anything.

Police believe that there may be more bodies in the area.

"He really hasn't stated that there are any more, but he hasn't said anything that makes us think there's not," said East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts.

Spotts said that police don't plan to search again until Madison can be further interrogated.

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