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Amherst: Donation provides cutting edge crimefighting technology

Source: Amherst Police Source: Amherst Police

The Amherst Police Department now has new crimefighting tools to help seek out suspects hiding at night.

Thanks to a donation from the Amherst Eagles F.O.E 1441, police recently outfitted a new 2013 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 with upgraded lighting and technology to help officers seek out suspects.

The donated funds from the Amherst Eagles went toward the purchase of a Nighttime Optical Thermal Imaging Camera (NOPTIC).

According to the NOPTIC Company and their local distributor, Pannin Technologies, no other law enforcement agency in Ohio has this technology available to their patrol officers, making the officers of the Amherst Police Department and the residents of the City of Amherst the first in Ohio to benefit from this technology, again, thanks to the donation from the Amherst Eagles.

In the hands of trained patrol officers, the NOPTIC system will allow for greater efficiency at night and give that officer the ability to investigate suspicious circumstances that they normally could have just driven right by. Often times, suspects drive to or get dropped off in neighborhoods or businesses and go out on foot to commit their crimes. The City of Amherst certainly has had its share of car break-ins, residential burglaries, thefts of catalytic converters from car dealership lots, and similar crimes committed under cover of darkness.

Giving the officer the ability to see the heat signature of vehicles that have been recently parked in unusual areas or noticing people in between houses or in a car lot after normal hours, will give rise for further investigation of those circumstances.

The Amherst Police Department is excited to be the first in Ohio to acquire this technology to protect and assist the citizens of Amherst.

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