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New details in cold case death of Geauga County teen

Dan Swan Dan Swan

For three years, Dan Swan's family has been haunted by his death, not knowing who was responsible for leaving him in a pool of blood in the middle of Sidley Road in Thompson Township.  He was walking home from a party.

Initially Geauga County Sheriff's investigators didn't even know if he was the victim of a beating or a hit and run.  Turns out, it was both.

"The passenger, Dustin Plottke, in concert with the driver, deliberately opened the door of the pick-up truck, striking Dan Swan and knocking him into the ditch," said Geauga County Sheriff Dan Mcclelland.

He says 23-yr-old Matthew Boone was driving the Ford F150 that hit Swan. When the victim got up and out of the ditch, investigators say he and 26-yr-old Plottke went after him again.

"Dustin Plottke struck the victim in the back of the head with a pipe like object," said Mcclelland.
The 17-year-old and recent Ledgemont High School graduate died a couple weeks later.
Until now, detectives were at a loss for what happened to swan, until a burglary in July of last year lead them to Plottke.

"When there was a lead that recently developed in this case, these detectives literally worked night and day to solve this crime," said prosecutor  Jim Flaiz.

The victim's family released a statement through their pastor.

"It's so difficult to conceive the depth of evil that kills innocent people and can then go on day after day without remorse or guilt," it read.

The family went on to say these two depraved individuals deserve the full punishment allowed by law. The suspects are in the county jail, charged with murder and could each face life in prison.

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