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Ariel Castro's neighbors weigh in on his fate

Ariel Castro in court Ariel Castro in court

Most of the gawkers are gone from Seymour Avenue. The cars that pass Ariel Castro's house of horrors now are mostly the people who live here. The people who had to live with the unknown in their neighborhood.

With a plea deal looming we went back. Back to ask if Castro should live in prison for the rest of his life, or die for his crimes.

Reginald black lives right across the street from the now bordered up and fenced off property.

"Even if in jail, it's better to survive. He can learn from his mistakes and hopefully he can met God on better terms," said Black.

To our surprise most in the neighborhood agreed, life in prison, not death for Castro.

But then we met Diane Howard.

"He need the electric chair," said Howard.

But you see Diane has a little bit of a different perspective. She herself was kidnapped back in 1972 by two men at gun and knife point but was able to escape.

"You killed a human being," Howard expressed about Castro allegedly forcing Michelle Knight into miscarriages. "You know beat the baby out of her. That's a death penalty to me. It is a death penalty to me."

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