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Castro Hostage: A victim inside and outside his home

Michelle Knight Michelle Knight

19 Action News has learned, one of the women kidnapped and held hostage in the home of Ariel Castro also became a victim a 'second' time -- even as she sat in captivity.

Multiple law enforcement sources say someone stole the identity of Michelle Knight. We've learned a woman ran a scam with her name, and she did it for years -- as Ariel Castro held Knight hostage.

Castro just plead guilty to holding three women hostage. Knight was held for more than a decade, and Castro also admitted he forced Knight to lose an unborn child, pleading guilty to murder.

Law enforcement sources say when Knight was found, they discovered a woman had been using Knight's identity all those years -- using the identity to collect government benefits.

We've learned the suspect is a woman who'd even been close to the family. And when Michelle Knight's mother moved from Cleveland to Florida, we're told the suspect even changed her address to Florida--again posing as Michelle Knight.

Cleveland Police tell us authorities in Florida are handling that investigation.

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