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Worried about Weeden yet?

Berea, OH (WOIO) - Admit it, you're worried. You see Brandon Weeden throwing interceptions, and you wonder if he can read a defense. You wonder if he has the instincts to match the arm. Some of you wonder if he'll even make it out of camp as the starter.

All legitimate questions. Just a bit early.

I asked Rob Chudzinski if he's okay with interceptions, this early in camp, because they're still working on timing, still learning the playbook, and sometimes told to work on stuff we don't know about. The head coach laughed, and said what I should have expected him to say. That he's never 'okay' with interceptions, but yes, he wants 'em to push the envelope a bit right now.

I like Weeden's aggressiveness. He said it before camp. He's not going to hold back, or play timid. I applaud that. This is his shot. If he's going to go down, he needs to go down guns-blazing.

But five days in, he's turning Chris Owens into Deion Sanders. Owens owns Weeden right about now. Maybe the defense is slightly ahead of the offense at this point. Or maybe Weeden truly is fine-tuning exactly what he can and cannot do. But come Wednesday, when they get back to work, in pads, it'll be interesting to see how Weeden bounces back. A gun-slinger who's misfiring can only stay alive for so long.


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