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Indians taking a backseat?

Cleveland (WOIO) - Jason Giambi made history on Monday night, becoming the oldest man (42 years, 202 days) to hit a walk-off home run, when his 9th inning blast to center beat the White Sox, 3-2.

Some of you fired away at me for not leading my sportscast with this, as I chose instead to begin with Browns training camp, before closing out my segment with the Tribe. It's a good argument, and it raises an annual question: do the Indians immediately take a backseat to the Browns once training camp kicks off in Berea, whether the Tribe is in contention or not?

Not necessarily. Of course there's an immediate push, and excitement, for the Browns, because the NFL is the biggest sports machine in America, and historically, this is a football town. But we do the same with the Indians when Opening Day rolls around. That's the local equivalent of Browns training camp, because Spring Training is so far away. And we're all over the Indians, ecstatic that baseball has finally returned.

That enthusiasm hasn't waned, at least not for me. I predicted 91 wins for the Tribe, and I'm sticking to it. It would require winning 34 of their final 57 (11 games over .500). Why not? They stand 9 games over .500 as I write this. I believe in this team.

As for weighing football vs. baseball in this city, you can't go solely by the attendance, although 14,000 in the stands last night, with the Indians just a few games out of first place, remains a joke. I hear contradicting arguments: people don't go because they work in the morning (unlike other cities?), and people don't go because they don't work in the morning, as in, unemployment (unlike other cities?). The excusers need to make up their minds.

Choosing Browns over Indians as the lead story in my sportscast doesn't say anything about importance, or priorities. Football just started; I'm still taking it out for a ride. The Indians will get a lot of play in my shows over the next two months, and I believe they're going to deserve the headline pretty often.


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