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More Plain Dealer paper problems

Protesters were out in full force in front of the historic Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.  

"Shame on them.  Shame on them," shouted protestors.

The protestors consist of reporters, copy editors, writers, photographers and researchers who are members of the Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild and they are angry. 

"The PD told us during negotiations they would do one thing and the have done another shame on them. They said we had agreed on a unionized workforce would be a 110 following these cuts that would be coming and now we have come to learn that more jobs would be cut than we had agreed too," said Harlan Spector.

The union claims last year the newspaper made a deal with them not to cut  anymore workers after layoffs in 2012 but now The Plain Dealer is axing more than a dozen jobs.

"You know the newspaper says this is design model to make sure this newspaper sticks around or do you think this is flat out greed," asked Reporter Scott Taylor.

"Well if they wanted the newspaper to stick around they would keep as many of our members around as possible. I think that is what people are buying the paper for is to read our members stories," answered Rollie Dreussi.

The Plain Dealer so far has not responded to our request for an interview. 

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