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Would major trade rock Tribe chemistry?

Cleveland (WOIO) - The trading deadline came and went on Wednesday, and the question facing the Indians was obvious: should they add another key player, and I'm talking cleanup hitter, or top of the rotation pitcher, or should they leave the team chemistry alone?

Chemistry is sometimes overrated in sports. Many great teams, like the '78 Yankees, didn't have it. And whoever would join the Tribe at this point wouldn't necessarily rock the boat; in fact, there's a far better chance that he'd fit right in, considering the leadership in the locker room, thanks to guys like Jason Giambi and Nick Swisher. And if the Indians were worried about affecting the chemistry, they may not have sent Vinnie Pestano down to Columbus. He's one of the most popular players in the room.

But let's face it, this team has something special, and when you're a small-to-mid market club, battling for every late-inning, dramatic win, chemistry matters.

The point is, if the Indians can land an All-Star caliber player, go for it. But they don't need another 3rd or 4th starter. They have a rotation that's clicking right now. I think they'll stay in contention, as is. But give 'em credit; they were working the phones diligently, trying to land that key player. Successful or not, I believe they'll be in the mix until the end.


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