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Cleveland man scheduled to be executed Wednesday hangs himself Sunday

Billy Slagle (SOURCE: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction) Billy Slagle (SOURCE: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction)

Take a stroll down Clinton Avenue in Cleveland, and you're sure to see a charming blend of what's old and new - some that's been forgotten.

On August 13 it will be 26 years to the day that something so horrific, so shocking happened there, that you'd expect the crime would be talked about for decades.

Instead even those who've lived in the area since the 1950's like Clarence Alberty say the murder of Mari Anne Pope doesn't bring back any memories.

"A couple of my friends were taking about it saying, do you remember that? No, not really," says Alberty.

Police say in the wee hours of the morning, 18 year old Billy Slagle broke into his neighbor Mari Anne Pope's home and stabbed her 17 times with a pair scissors. Turns out two children she was watching that night heard the attack.

They told detectives they heard Pope start praying and then heard her blood curdling screams. Slagle was sentenced to death and was due to be executed this week, but before that could happen he hanged himself in his cell.

In an interesting twist at Slagle's clemency's hearing even prosecutors asked the Governor to spare Slagle's life. They said that new criteria for death penalty cases may have meant that Slagle wouldn't have gotten the death penalty had his case been tried today.

By committing suicide, neighbors say Slagle may have deprived the victim's family and friends of seeing him put to death.

"I think the family would have liked to see it. It was his choice though," added Alberty.

Slagle's motive for the cold blooded killing - scoring some money to buy alcohol.

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