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New rules go into effect for NFL fans

The NFL's new bag ban went into effect this Hall Of Fame weekend, and it caught a lot of fans by surprise.

"I had no idea. They should have warned us," said one fan in from New York.

"I just saw those little bags being taken around and thought, oh God, they're probably making people throw away their purses," said Rachel Ambrose.

In the wake of the Boston marathon bombing, the league is ramping up security for all events, prohibiting things like backpacks, large purses, seat cushions and camera bags.

"I have no idea what I am going to do and we've got a bunch of girlfriends coming too. So they're probably all going to be really upset," said Ambrose.

Only clear bags of a regulated size are (12in x 6in x 12in) permitted in.

The NFL was handing out clear plastic bags to help people deal with the learning curve and transfer their belongings but there wasn't an infinite amount of them.

"Everybody wants one but it seems like they don't have enough to give out," said Alicia Davis, of Columbus.

The league and event staff tried to get the word out early on shuttle buses and prior to security at the gate.

"We knew ahead of time. It was online so it wasn't a surprise," said Katie Kellen, who traveled from Minnesota for the game.

And for many fans, they were happy to play by the new rules.

"I think it's great, for security reasons especially," said Davis.

"I think it's very worthwhile. Absolutely. I am bringing three children into the stadium," said Kellen. 

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