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County Corruption: More excuses from J. Kevin Kelley

J. Kevin Kelley J. Kevin Kelley

He's living in Florida on a disability pension due to the stress of getting caught in the county corruption investigation. After five years, J. Kevin Kelley is still not serving any prison time.

A record Reporter Paul Orlousky found at the Federal Clerk of Courts Office details yet another attempt by Kelley to ease his punishment for a main role in the county corruption investigation.

The latest is a request from his lawyer to file a new pre-sentence report. Not unusual, but the reason is that Kelley is "too sick." The request says Kelley "has recently undergone several major surgeries."

Orlousky broke the story of Kelley's applying to the pension board and winning a $60,000 yearly disability pension. His reason? He was suffering stress from the pressure of getting arrested and convicted. In 2009, Orlousky went to Florida to confront Kelley about his sweet deal, he was tipped off and laid low. His mother picked up the "he's sick" theme.

She said Kelley was at Tampa General Hospital in tough shape. Not long after that, however, he was able to jet off to his sister's wedding in Las Vegas.

Kelley also looked fine when he returned to Cleveland to testify against Jimmy Dimora.

Hopefully he goes back to that miracle cure hospital, Tampa General, so they can fix him up so that the government can send him down.

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