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Editorial: Turning the page at The Plain Dealer

It's been a rocky start for the new and improved Plain Dealer. Its much-promoted, on line edition has been plagued with technical problems. And even the hard copy of the paper has been hard to find at some retail locations, leaving some readers reduced to a three-day home delivery, frustrated.  

And, the folks at the Plain Dealer are pleading for patience. Well, we're confident the paper will fix its logistical problems in due course.

Fixing the newspaper business itself won't be quite as easy.  Recently, the Boston Globe was sold for $70 million. A richly sum - until you realize the previous owner paid over a billion dollars for the same paper 20 years ago.    And this week, the historic Washington Post, of Watergate fame, was dealt to -- of all people-- the founder of Amazon.

There's a fire sale going on in the newspaper industry.  Floundering papers, drowning in red ink, in search of new ownership and new direction in a new-age media. Well, for those of us who care about newspapers---we wish them all success.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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