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Buckeyes QB not involved in memorabilia sales

Cleveland (WOIO) - After the 3-game suspension of Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde, many fans were on the edge of their seats with the season approaching and accusations of Braxton Miller signing memorabilia for benefits. Fortunately for Buckeye fans, the University released a statement Wednesday, saying Miller was cleared to sign the memorabilia that was later sold without the quarterback's knowledge.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said, "We talked to Braxton, the whole thing, and there's nothing there," Smith said. "most of that stuff (online) was from there. So if you get something signed by Braxton, you throw it up and sell it. There's no connection."

This relieving news comes the same day that South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier claimed their star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is also innocent in an incident involving his signature being sold online. "I really believe Jadeveon has never accepted anything for signing an autograph." Spurrier said.

South Carolina associate athletic director Chris Rogers agreed with Spurrier after a small investigation took place. "We have investigated things that have been on Ebay with him and student-athletes before." he said. "In the situations I can say we looked into, there was no further for us to go."

Both Miller and Clowney look to lead their top ranked teams to championship contention this coming season.

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