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On this week's 'Horry County's Most Wanted'

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - There are tens of thousands of people on the Horry County Sheriff's Office's wanted list. Tonight we're telling you about three of them.

This information could keep you safe because if these men did the crimes police say they did, then finding them could make our streets safer.

Our first suspect is 26-year-old Robert Jerrod Jackson. He's wanted for failure to appear for manufacturing and possession of some pretty serious drugs. Flinitrazipam, which is also known as rohipnol, is commonly referred to as the date rape drug. Jackson is 6-foot-5-inches tall, 140 pounds, and his last known address is on Canal Street.

Then we have 20-year-old Timothy Wylie. According to the police report he stole an Xbox 360 and its controllers from a neighbor's home. The report goes on to say Wylie's mother found that XBox in his room. Now he's wanted by the Sheriff's Office for 2nd degree burglary. He's 5-foot-11-inches, 170 pounds, and he has a very distinct tattoo on his neck.

Finally: 32-year-old Charvis Keon Anderson. Anderson is wanted for criminal domestic violence, two counts of assault and battery, and three counts of malicious damage to personal property. The five-page police report states that back in May, he got into an argument with an ex-girlfriend, beat down the door, and went on a rampage. Anderson is 6-foot-2-inches tall, 165 pounds, and last lived on Versie Lane in Little River.

If you know any of the suspects or where they may be -- call the Horry County Sheriff's Office with your information.

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