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When will we see Richardson?

When is it OK to play Trent Richardson? He practiced this week, why can't he play in the pre-season opener against St. Louis? Oh, it's because the Browns are worried he MIGHT get hurt. Now, this would be a perfectly legitimate excuse if they were sitting several of their big time starters. But they're not. Just Richardson.

My problem with this is that it continues to add to the narrative that Richardson is a Faberge egg. He seemingly is always hurt. He missed part of OTA's and a June mini-camp because of a shin problem. He recently missed several days of practice after being kicked in the shin. Despite practicing this week he will not play in the St. Louis game. Why am I fully expecting to hear that if Richardson has a slow start to the year it'll be because he didn't get many preseason carries?

The only reasoning I've heard for this is "there's nothing we need to see out of Richardson in this game." That's actually not wrong. Getting 4-5 carries in this game will not make or break his career. There is also nothing anybody needs to see from Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, D'Qwell Jackson and Joe Haden, but they'll play. "So Schwab, you're upset he's not going to play, but if he went out there and got three carries you'd be happy?" Yes. Yes I would. Because then it would not look like one player is so fragile that he has to play by an entirely different set of rules.

By the way, in a month this will mean absolutely nothing at all. In October we'll look back and it won't matter that he didn't play against the Rams. But it's not a month from now, and it's not October. It's right now. And right now we're hearing, once again, some kind of injury concerning is holding up Richardson from playing. Aren't we all tired of this yet?

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