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Cleveland: Booming with business... and crime

Senior Games Beach Party at Edgewater Park Senior Games Beach Party at Edgewater Park
Accused serial killer Michael Madison Accused serial killer Michael Madison
Ariel Castro in court for sentencing. Ariel Castro in court for sentencing.

Senior Games participants had great things to say about Cleveland.  Everyone raved about the event, the new facilities and the city's cool features. 

Yet while Cleveland attracts several visitors for unique events, we've also taken center stage for some of the most heinous crimes in news headlines across the nation.

During the past few months we have hosted a slew of events both big and small and all the while been engulfed in horrific and surreal stories. 

The first story to gain Cleveland's recent national attention was the finding of three missing women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who were held captive for almost a decade and the court hearings of the man responsible, Ariel Castro. 

As Clevelanders wrapped their brains around what happened on the city's westside, an accused serial killer, Michael Madison was arrested for the murders of three missing women on the eastside.

On a less jolting note, but disturbing nonetheless, there are increasing reports of shootings, which too often end with fatalities.

As the city seems to be flourishing and creating more reasons for people to want to visit our city, the question on the minds of Cleveland business owners and residents is "Will the perception of crime in Cleveland damage the future growth of the city?"

One of the next biggest upcoming events to be hosted by Cleveland is the 2014 Gay Games.  The event was a huge success in 2012 and with all the new businesses and developments in the city, everyone's hoping that the city will be perceived as safe enough to welcome back returning visitors and attract new patrons as well.   

Executive Director of the Gay Games, Tom Nobbe had this to say, "We are not worried about it.  It just gives us more incentive to share our enthusiasm and embrace them so they come away thinking what a great place this was."

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