Celebrate a preseason win? Heck yes!

Celebrate a preseason win? Heck yes!

To (show) glee, or not to (show) glee. That is the question. Does this sound familiar?

The Browns looked pretty darn good on Thursday night.  HORAY!!!

But it's preseason.

Brandon Weeden looked really good. HORAY!!!

But it's preseason. Stop it.

Weeden talked about how he knew what he was doing with the ball. That's progress. HORAY!!!

But it's preseason. Enough already

The starting defense kept it basic and still looked good and forced a turnover. HORAY!!!

But it's preseason. The Rams were also keeping it basic.

What you just read is probably some version of what you were hearing or saying today around the water cooler. They looked great, but it didn't mean anything. There's the rub of being a fan of a miserable team. When your guys look good in the preseason, you're told to throw it away as preseason. If your guys play awful in the preseason, you're told that writing it off as preseason football is excuse making. You can't win.

So what can you do? Relax. That's what you can do. I don't care if it was preseason, you'd always rather see good things than bad things, and we've seen enough of the latter in Cleveland. Obviously you shouldn't get your hopes up too high, but if somebody tells you to not get them up at all, tell them to put a sock in it. We're all sick of the negativity with the Browns, for one stinking time enjoy it. Is that too much to ask from the naysayers?