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Bad week, but at least they didn't quit

And so ends the most excruciating week of baseball I have seen in a long time. At least they won one on the way out of town. This week will go down as the week that destroyed the Indians chances of winning the Central Division. I don't think I'm being over dramatic when I say that.

I'll say this though, they do not quit. It would've been VERY easy to just mail it in on Sunday. Down 5-0, getting completely shut down and on the way to a seven game losing streak, this team said "no thanks, we're going to battle." And they did. Home runs do have a way of getting the juice going, if three of them don't do it, you need to see your doctor. Swisher, Aviles and Santana brought them back. The Bourn Acquisition put them over the top.

They did not stop playing just because the chips were down. Would that have happened last year under Manny Acta? I'm not so sure that we wouldn't have had a different outcome. Terry Francona didn't have a good week, but at least he (and his team) did not quit. We finally got some good news on the last day of a bad home stand.

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