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Fisher, not Kosar, to blame for controversy

Cleveland (WOIO) - Bernie Kosar is trending. In fact, the Browns legend spent most of Monday as the # 1 trending topic on Yahoo, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Not that I'd bash Bernie for his comments during Thursday night's preseason game against the Rams. I always find Kosar's commentary refreshing, entertaining and very insightful, and by the way, he's taken more than a few shots at his former team over the years as well.

My issue is with Jeff Fisher, the head coach of the Rams, who had a chance to bury this story over the weekend, and instead inflamed it by saying he lost a lot of respect for Bernie, and that Kosar's issues are well documented.

I'm stunned that an NFL head coach would be pulled into something like this. Surely, he has far more important things to do, less than a month away from the regular season. The right thing for Fisher to do was to say "listen, I didn't hear the comments...Bernie's entitled to his opinion....I have bigger issues to deal with".

Instead, Fisher fired back, ensuring that this would become a national story. And now Bernie's trending. For all the wrong reasons.


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