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Career criminal caught on camera: Why can't he be stopped?

Jerold Woodson Jerold Woodson

A career criminal has been caught on camera and convicted for a bold break-in, and we're wondering why his life of crime can't be stopped.

Jerold Woodson just struck a plea deal for the burglary at the Garden Valley Food mart on Cleveland's east side. Investigators say Woodson got in through the roof. Police then busted him in the act inside the store.

Woodson has been sent to a facility near downtown. The facility has locks and fences, but the focus -- programs to get convicts into drug treatment and jobs out on the streets. It is a form of probation.

"Probation? That's messed up. You probably get probation for having marijuana. He breaks into the store, he gets probation, makes other people want to do it , too," said a store clerk.

We took a closer look at Woodson's record.  We found indictments for burglaries, drug charges, even an old weapons case. He has done prison time, been on probation, ordered into programs before, yet still this.

So what will it take to stop this life of crime? Is it even possible?

Records show, in this latest case, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors worked out a plea deal with Woodson. But they also addressed the court before sentencing. The courts are still trying to figure out the best way to deal with Jerold Woodson.  

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