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ODOT project will create easier access to Midway Mall

49th Street Bridge 49th Street Bridge

Bridges are known to unite but the 49th Street Bridge in Elyria may have done more to separate shoppers from the Midway Mall than to help them get there.

The once thriving retail space nowadays has more parking space than anything else but the mall is smack dab between I-90 and the turnpike.

There's lots of traffic but some speculate the bridge prevents people from stopping because it can be so confusing figuring out how to maneuver yourself around the bridge.

That combined with safety concerns has ODOT doing away with the bridge.  A $30 million project will create a giant intersection where the bridge is now.

Mall reps said they couldn't tell us what their plans for the future were, but the mayor says their people told her they are not in danger of closing.  With the bridge project they may be midway towards turning things around.

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