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NEW RULE: CVS shoppers must be over 18 to buy nail polish remover


Many CVS shoppers may be surprised when asked to present their state ID to purchase what has long been a common Health & Beauty product. 

Nail polish remover may seem harmless but police say that it can be used to produce the deadly drug called methamphetamine also known as meth.

Nail polish remover is becoming harder to buy for customers that aren't prepared to show their identification.

19 Action News Reporter Tiffani Tucker spoke to Sgt. Ed Kinney, one of five people in Medina County certified to cleanup meth labs.

Kinney, a former member of the drug task force, says he's seen his share of meth labs in Northeast Ohio. Sadly some labs are in homes where children were living. 

"Kids were malnourished. They were cooking openly inside the apartment," says Sgt. Kinney.

The acetone found in polish remover is a key element in making meth.

Now CVS stores in Illinois, Hawaii, and right here in Ohio are making it mandatory for shoppers to be at least 18 years old.

A Medina CVS clerk says the stores are requiring identification to keep track of who's buying the product and how much.

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