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Still no arrests in Tallmadge double murder

Wendy and Peyton Ralston Wendy and Peyton Ralston

Searching for answers and a cold-blooded killer, Tallmadge Police continue their investigation into the double homicide of a mother and her young son.

Investigators continue to guard the Stone Creek Drive home where Wendy and Peyton Ralston were murdered.

On the street where Wendy and Peyton Ralston lived with Daniel Tighe, neighbors got a very dramatic picture of the explosive relationship the two shared.

The female neighbor that lived on the other side of a thin wall keeps a favorite photograph of Peyton. In the picture Peyton is sitting on Tighe's lap and in some ways is misleading.

"I was terribly depressed about Wendy and Peyton. I'm just surprised the police didn't keep him that surprised me. Because of the history of violence. Yes, the way he yelled at Peyton just upset me."

She estimates police had gone to the residence at least 18 times.

"She wanted to take Peyton and go someplace and I guess she was afraid he wouldn't let her go and he wouldn't let her take Peyton and so she called the police," says the neighbor.

The woman says that Wendy left a year ago, Tighe fell on hard times, losing his job, not paying his rent and as she describes just hibernated in the apartment.

In June Wendy came for him.

"Was standing by her car and I said to her ‘Are you two getting back together?' and she said ‘temporarily'."

She describes one final chilling observation. Tighe had dark blue sheets and Peyton had a blanket. A similar description to what the bodies were found in.

Investigators believe the mother and child were murdered inside the home in late July, their bodies taken into the woods behind the home and dumped. On August 10, Wendy's mother discovered the bodies.

It is not yet known how they were killed.

Tighe remains only a "person of interest" and not a suspect. A friend of Tighe's tells 19 Action News he saw him just a few days ago and it didn't appear anything was wrong.

"He's a nice guy. We didn't have no problem with him," said the friend.

Tighe was described as really caring for Ralston and Peyton but at other times yelling until the child quaked with fear.

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