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Blended Learning High School Boasts 100% Grad Rate

Nexus Academy Nexus Academy

This fall, some local students won't be returning to their traditional schools.  Instead, they'll be opting for a "blended" learning high school.

Interest is growing in online school opportunities. And Nexus Academy in Cleveland boasts a balance between structure and flexibility, in a college prep program with a 100 percent graduation rate.

It isn't your typical high school campus, and that's the point.  Nexus Academy, a tuition free charter school, offers students a combination of online learning and traditional classes, in an open environment.

"If a student has difficulty learning in a certain area, there's always a success coach here to help them. They have tutors here, face to face, each day," said Liz Hibbs, Senior Manager of Nexus Academy.

Students, like Junior Joslyn Brown, are typically driven, self starters whose needs weren't being meet by brick and mortar schools.

"I started at John Adams (High School) and the classes were just too packed. I felt like I wasn't getting enough attention from the teachers," said Brown.

Teachers, and online tutors are available for support. Two to three traditional lectures (limited to 15-20 students) are built into their day, along with independent online learning time, and college and career counseling.

Not only do they offer non-traditional electives, like forensics and web/game design, but Nexus Academy also offers healthy, non-traditional study environments like laptop stands on stationary bikes.

And what they're doing is working.

"We actually had 5 students that came as seniors last year, and they all graduated and went to college! Not just community college, but to college going right into their majors," said Ben Buckner, Enrollment Outreach Coordinator at Nexus Academy.

Students are embracing the emphasis on taking responsibility for their education.

"You have to really be motivated as a student. But it's good because it prepares you for college because in college you don't have a teacher nagging at your back saying you have to get this done," said Brown.

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