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Former NFL players may take part in H-G-H experiment

New York (WOIO) - Over the past several years, the PED scandal has effected every major sport, from cycling to baseball. Human Growth Hormone has been at the front of these scandals, and the NFL plans on proving its effects on players who use it.

On Wednesday, USA Today announced that approximately 100 former NFL players will undergo an experiment to see how HGH effects player's hormone levels. The plan is to administer HGH to part of the group, and administer a placebo to those remaining. This plan, created by the NFL, and players union, comes shortly after the union tentatively agreed to blood testing for HGH in a collective bargaining agreement. Though issues still remain in finalizing the decision to test for HGH, there remains hope that testing may begin in 2013.

Plans for the 100-player experiment are still tentative and undergoing changes. There are no confirmed former players that have agreed to the study.


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