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Back to School: Nutritional school lunches

Nutritional choices for back to school lunches Nutritional choices for back to school lunches

When it comes to packing your kids' lunches, what they want to eat and what you want to feed them aren't always the same.

Meeting a family's budgetary and nutritional needs can be tough. Start saving coins and calories by controlling portion sizes with snacks.

"Rather than going and buying the pre-packaged chips somebody who's looking to save some money should go buy bigger bags and just portion it out yourself," said Eastlake Walmart manager, Andrew Smith.

Lake Health Dietician, Samantha Froimson says when it comes to juice drinks, stick to 100% juice, nothing with artificial flavor, water or milk.

"If the only way they'll drink milk is the chocolate or strawberry, it's ok…but it's not as good as plain, low fat or fat free milk," said Froimson.

Walmart now offers alternatives to popular convenience foods high in sodium and saturated fats. They have plenty of healthy pre-sliced and packaged, nutritious combos like fruit and vegetables with yogurt or peanut butter.

"If you want to just come in, pick that up, throw it in the fridge…all you have to do is wake up, put it in the lunch box and you're good to go," said Smith.

And for sandwiches, seek out the gold standard, 100% whole grain bread and lean meats like turkey and chicken.

"Those would be healthier than the high fat, high processed meats like bologna, pepperoni and salami," said Froimson.

Another way to load up their lunch boxes with the best items, read the labels and avoid added sugar and salt.

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