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House explosion rocks nearby houses

Miller Avenue, Euclid Miller Avenue, Euclid
Miller Avenue, Euclid Miller Avenue, Euclid
What's left of a house on Miller Ave. in Euclid What's left of a house on Miller Ave. in Euclid

An investigation is underway after a house exploded in Euclid late Friday morning.

It happened around 11:30 a.m. in the 21000 block of Miller Avenue.

Euclid Firefighters tell 19 Action News the home was vacant, and no one was injured.

Reporter Harry Boomer has learned there were no signs of gas at the time of the explosion.

Debris from the destroyed house littered the street.

"I'm on the 2nd floor on that side of the house.  My window completely shattered in and like the frames fell in the house.  The house kind of shook and I heard another like big boom and I smelled smoke.  I ran downstairs and came outside," says neighbor Brittany O'Block.

"When I heard it I was on the phone.  Glass shattered on me.  I really didn't get cut that bad. My son had some glass in his head and had a little blood other than that I was shaking, trying to get my kids out of the house," says neighbor Latoya Guerry.

The blast so forceful that it bowed the side of Guerry's house and knocked out windows.

Investigators, including the State Fire Marshal and Euclid Fire officials are trying to figure out what caused the blast.

"Copper theft is an issue in vacant properties and we just want to make sure that there are no other properties that can experience an emergency because of that," said Captain Michael Gulya, Euclid Fire Prevention Bureau.

Captain Gulya also indicated, "This might even have to be taken apart so it becomes safe enough for investigators to get inside and actually anything that could have been an ignition source or heat source to start this fire and or an explosion."
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