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Browns Friday: Lions game/injury aftermath

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski talked with reporters on Friday about their win over Detroit and the injuries they picked up during the game. They defeated the Lions 24-6 as Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson and the rest of the first-team offense shined.

However, the club also sustained some costly injuries. Barkevious Mingo left the game and was taken to the hospital with a bruised lung. Dion Lewis fractured a fibula, he could miss the season. Jason Pinkston suffered a high ankle sprain and could miss the beginning of the season. Those were the most serious of the injuries.


Head Coach Rob Chudzinski, conference call with beat writers, Aug. 16, 2013

Opening Statement: "I will start with a medical report today. Dion Lewis, as I mentioned last night, has a fibula fracture. It's going to require surgery. That has not been scheduled yet. I will let you know when I get more details on that. Barkevious Mingo has a bruised lung. He felt better this morning. He stayed overnight in the hospital. We are going to keep him over another night as a precautionary measure; a little bit too early to give you any estimates as to where it stands. Jason Pinkston has a high-ankle sprain. There's a chance he will be out in the early part of the regular season. We will just have to see how that goes. Gary Barnidge has a shoulder sprain. We are expecting him to be back next week; he will be day-to-day. Brandon Bogotay has a groin strain. He will be day-to-day. T.J. Conley, the same thing, groin strain. He will be day-to-day. David Nelson is making progress and we are day-to-day with him. Hopefully, we will be able to get him back to practice next week.

"As far as the game goes, I felt good. We took another step against another good team. I have a lot of respect for Detroit. We've played well in all three phases. The past two games, obviously, we have a lot of work to do and improvements to make but it will be good to get a chance and watch tape with our guys. It doesn't count in the standings in the preseason as I mentioned last night. We want to keep this in perspective. But we are working to develop winning habits and hopefully these things will help us during the course of the season. We are finding some guys that exemplify our identity and that's what we want to do, establish our identity on the football field. Getting a chance to evaluate our players and our team, and put our team together in the best manner we can. I can think of some things last night that we did well. We were efficient, ball security was good, and the guys came to play. I like the effort that I'm seeing. Some things that we needed to work on and improve are fundamentals and we will be focusing on those the next two days in practice, on Saturday and Sunday. We will continue to work on our situational football. We will get our two-minute drill, which we haven't been able to get in the game; offensively, we had some with the twos and threes at the end of the game, in the first game primarily. Some four-minute offense, we will work on third downs and red zone, those types of things. We want to improve on penalties. We had six penalties for 49 yards and one nullified a touchdown. Certainly, every point is precious and we had a number of pre-snap penalties that we want to continue to work on."

On whether he knows what happened to Barkevious Mingo:

"I don't. We looked at the tape. There wasn't a big hit that we could see. Obviously, he had a number of plays where there was some contact but it was hard to determine which one it was."

On why Mingo was kept overnight:

"Well, he had a bruised lung so every time there is that type of injury, they just want to make sure everything is OK with his health and breathing and everything else."

On potentially needing to sign a running back or guard:

"We will see. I'm not expecting right now to bring anyone in. We will just have to see where we are at with some of these other guys injury-wise and how soon we are expecting them back. We'll sit down and talk a little bit more about that.  Yes, those are possibilities."

On whether the team will put Dion Lewis on IR:

"We will wait on all those decisions. We don't have to make those decisions yet. We still have another couple weeks for the final cuts, so we'll wait on those."

On what symptoms Mingo was showing during the game:

"When he was hit, he was out of breath, that kind of thing."

On seeing more of a reason to keep Mingo overnight:

"More of the same observation and making sure everything is OK."

On his level of optimism regarding getting Mingo back soon:

"I think we'll have to wait for them to get a better observation on him."

On whether he knows how long Shawn Lauvao will be out following surgery:

"I don't. He will probably be out for the early part of the season."

On how comfortable he is starting Garrett Gilkey:

"I was pleased with what he did last night for coming into the situation he had to come in, against the guy he had to face. It was quite the challenge for him. He's not Joe DeLamielleure yet but he has made big improvements over the course of the time that he's been here. That was a good situation. We are seeing that in a number of different places in a number of different positions where some young guys are really getting some opportunities to play against some good competition in some snaps that are important early in the game."

On Dion Lewis being a candidate for injured reserve/designated to return:

"Again, I think we are going to wait and see. He is going to have the surgery. We will wait to determine all these things.  Once we get down the road, we don't have to make these decisions until the final roster is put together. At that time, you can figure out who is going to be who."

On how big of a stride Brandon Bogotay made:

"He's going to be day-to-day. We won't expect him out too long. He had a good night. I would have liked to see him go into the second half. His kickoffs were good. The last one, I think, is where he tweaked his groin, rolling off to the left a little bit. He made the field goal so those were good things for him to do. We really want to get a look at him going through the whole process of the whole game. Obviously, we didn't get a chance to do that."

On Brandon Weeden's status as the starter:

"I'm still going to wait to name a starter. To me, this process is important, that we go through that, and when we complete the process, we will name a starter. He had a really good overall performance. We had three scoring drives with him, a number of good throws. Certainly, there are a number of things he can improve on that we will go through the film with him."

On whether Montario Hardesty's knee or thumb will keep him out longer:

"The knee."

On the feeling of hearing a player is hurt during the game:

"You have to take care of those right now. Obviously, making sure everybody knows that and making adjustments in the game plan when different guys are out. You just have to take care of the present and try to find out more about them after the game and the next day. Hopefully, we will touch base with those guys."

On whether Hardesty will be back to help in the rotation, even if not in the first game or two: "Again, I think we'll wait and see how long that's going to be. All these things, we're going to factor in, the injuries and what guys do in the meantime. It's not just at one position; it could be at multiple positions, once you get down to the final few decisions on the roster."

On Mingo's ribs: "He does not have anything wrong with his ribs."

On Mingo's symptoms in the game: "I don't know all the details of all the symptoms he showed. He had contact in the game, obviously. What I was saying was that there wasn't some huge hit that would lead you to believe that was when it happened. So, I'm not sure at what point it happened in the game, whether it was one particular hit, or a combinations of hits."

On what he'd seen from Dion Lewis this season: "Again, he was one of the guys that had had an opportunity to show what he could do, really catching our eye. At this early stage, I don't know that we have everything planned out. For this reason alone, I think we're getting a better idea of how we can use some of the guys moving forward, obviously by the first game and even going into the season, through the season. We'll be learning more and more about our guys and developing roles for them, specifically."

On parts of Weeden's game that improved from Games 1-2: "I don't know that it was a big improvement, but I thought that he really was throwing accurate balls out there. He did in the first game as well, but he really had some nice throws. The rush was coming a little bit more this week, so that was good for him to experience that."

On whether the Browns need to find back with similar skillset as Dion Lewis: "I don't think it's necessary to have the exact kind of guy that he is. Again, I think Norv (Turner) has proven over time that he can adjust to whoever's there. Trent Richardson's still there. Obi (Chris Ogbonnaya), obviously, he's been the versatile guy that can do both. Brandon Jackson really had some nice plays in the game last night. There are still a number of guys that are still there and that over the next few games we'll work."

On Jordan Cameron: "There were a number of guys and Jordan Cameron was one of them. I thought Brandon, we talked about before, really played well. I thought Trent really played well. Jabaal on defense, Phil Taylor and a guy like Josh Aubrey. Those guys all stood out. And they weren't the only guys, but they were just guys that popped into my head as you asked that question. Jordan did a nice job. He showed the play-making ability that you like to see. He had some mistakes, some things we can really improve on, all correctable things. He's been working on his blocking and I think you had a chance to see some of his playmaking last night."

On whether the injury to Lewis forces the Browns to play Ogbonnaya at halfback: "I don't really see him as being a guy we're just going to put at one spot. I think his skillset gives us something we can utilize, so I don't really see that changing him to where now he strictly goes to one position."

On whether he'll give Brandon Bogotay a full game before making a decision at kicker: "I'll decide upon that in the next few days. We'll have to see. His health would be one thing, and I think I'll be leaning toward both those guys getting more opportunities."

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