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Toledoans come together to put 'neighbor' back in the 'hood'

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

There was a strong message sent out on Saturday by folks who live at the corner of Detroit and Oakwood in Central Toledo.

They hung out a banner proclaiming they plan to turn hoods back into neighborhoods.

Strangers became friends, getting to know each other while enjoying food, entertainment and other activities.

They live on some of the meanest streets in Toledo.

"I'm afraid to let my son come out and play in the yard because there's been so many shootings and homicides," said Erica Johnson, "I'm hoping this will make the community better."

The event is sponsored by the group Stand Up Man Up.

But what does turning hoods back into neighborhoods mean?

"If you take the 'neighbor' out of neighborhood, you're going to have a hood. And a hood is something that's covered up. We want to uncover that hood and put that word 'neighbor' back into it," said Ernest Banks of Stand Up Man Up.

And the way to prevent violence is for folks to stand together as one, notify police when they see any suspicious activity.

"Because I think we need to change for the better of the whole neighborhood, the community and everything," said Donnell Rhodes.

And don't be afraid of being a snitch.

It's an attitude they say should be spread from one neighborhood to another across Toledo.

"You have to know each other in your neighborhood. Parents have to know each other, know their children. We have to build a village again. It takes a village to raise a child and that's where we got to build a village and that's what we're starting here," said Mr. Banks.

And as they say, put the neighbor back in hood.

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