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Change in Browns' culture obvious

Cleveland (WOIO) - The catch-phrase around Browns headquarters these days is "culture change". To a man, they insist it's never felt this vibrant and optimistic in that building. And I believe 'em. I see it and feel it, and I've been covering the team for seven years. But it's easy to say that, when a new regime comes in. It's another thing to translate that into wins. I believe they will.

Browns CEO Joe Banner talked about the culture change on Monday, calling it "dramatic", while at the same time warning that it doesn't mean they'll immediately start ruling the AFC North. But we've seen it happen before, teams that go from

5-11 one year, to a playoff participant the next. Why can't it happen for the Browns?

They won five games a year ago, with a rookie quarterback stuck in the worst possible system, and a rookie running back playing with a broken rib. Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson should be light-years better than they were in 2012, and Josh Gordon, once he returns in Week 3, will be a force.

Defensively, they're going to be fun to watch, and tough to face. Aggressive, quick, and opportunistic.

The fact is, the 2013 Cleveland Browns don't care about the past. The heartaches, the blunders, the endless losing. They don't care about the constant previous changes. All they care about is the current change, the change in culture. It's a work in progress, but already, the progress is obvious.


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