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Parma Police say thefts of copper pipes caused gas leak

Maplecrest, Parma Maplecrest, Parma

Multiple homes in Parma were evacuated Tuesday afternoon due to a strong smell of gas.

It started just before 1 p.m. at 3425 Maplecrest Avenue.

A Columbia Gas meter reader said a passerby smell the gas and notified them. They arrived on the scene and found no answer at the door and the gas meter flowing natural gas. 

Ten firefighters from two companies started to evacuate the area houses as the gas company shut off the gas supply.

Lt. David Higginbotham stated, "The readings were high and the smell was strong so we evacuated 26 houses in the area and on the street south of Maplecrest."

After the house was systematically ventilated, firefighters entered the house and found hot water heaters moved and the theft of copper pipes in the basement.

The street was reopened and residents returned home at 2:45.

The investigation was turned over to the police.

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