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Australian male killed by suspected teens who say they were 'bored'

Christopher Lane shot in Oklahoma while out for a run Christopher Lane shot in Oklahoma while out for a run
Duncan, Oklahoma -

A 23-year-old Australian native just visiting a friend in Duncan, Oklahoma was a random victim to a deadly shooting.

The college baseball player out for a run when he's gunned down and left for dead.

Christopher Lane was shot, was seen falling to his knees and died.

"All have lost something that's just never going to be replaced."  His family members beside themselves.  They just want answers.

While for now police can't say much about the details. At least one of the suspect's parents is talking.

"From what I understand the other boy was texting all about he killing and stuff."   Jennifer Luna said the three accused, including her 16-year-old son are part of a "wannabe gang."

They were tracked down through surveillance video from businesses just down the road from the shooting.

But Luna says she is confident her son is not a killer.   "I know in my heart he didn't pull that trigger."

But she added, if evidence the shows her son did play a part in the ruthless killing, she would expect him to pay the price. 

"If he was there, yes, he needs to be punished. Everybody needs to be punished- anybody that does that needs to be punished "

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