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Editorial: Air Show absence leaves Cleveland feeling "Blue"

There was a hint of autumn in the air last week.  A sure sign that summer is on borrowed time.

What you won't find in the air this coming Labor Day weekend, however, are the sights and sounds of the Blue Angels soaring over the city's skyline. 

Earlier this year, the Angels opted out of air shows in Cleveland and across the country. All part of the so-called government sequester and budget slashing at the Pentagon. Yes, grounding the jets did save taxpayers $17 million dollars. But hey that's a drop in the Navy's $156-million bucket.

Well, we hope it was worth it.  The cutbacks cost the Pentagon a major recruiting tool. For Cleveland, it's a $6 million dollar economic hit.  And, for its residents, a favorite end-of-summer attraction.

The government's refusal to allow military involvement in air shows across the country was a political decision from the start, not a practical one, and it was misguided.

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