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Obese pregnant women dropping lbs to reduce risk


About half of pregnant women are overweight. And those extra pounds can be dangerous for both baby and mom.

But a new program at the Cleveland Clinic is now aiming at pregnant women and those trying to conceive.  It's working toward healthy moms and babies, through healthy weight.

Obesity during pregnancy can put mothers and infants at risk for gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, emergency C-sections, premature births and childhood obesity.

Jeneen Bufford has always wanted to be a mother.

"Growing up as a little girl we always had our dolls. And you always just imagine after marriage, next comes kids," she said.

So when the time was right for she and husband, James, she knew she had to tackle her life-long issue with obesity, to reduce her risks.

"You have gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, sometimes the labor can be complicated and you might risk miscarriage," said Bufford.

Jeneen enrolled the Cleveland Clinic's new weight management.

Dr. Karen Cooper says it's not necessarily dieting, but making smart choices.

"Making sure mom has enough protein, enough fiber, making sure she's exercising regularly and just really monitoring her carefully to make sure that chronic conditions don't get exacerbated or don't occur in the first place," said Cooper.

Jeneen is now diligently counting calories, controlling her portions, and regularly exercising.

Dr. Cooper says these expectant moms make for great patients.

"They are so excited and they are so concerned about the baby that's growing within them..very highly motivated. They want to make sure they're doing the right thing, not just for themselves but the baby," said Cooper.

"Hopefully at this stage, at 22 weeks he's getting a chance to taste the things that I taste, so maybe he'll have a craving for vegetables and more fruit now instead of sugars and carbs," said Bufford, of the son she's expecting this December.


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