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Browns player Greg Little talks to 19 Action News about speeding

Greg Little Greg Little

A confession and a promise came from Greg Little who looked 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek in the eye and said he's been careless before.

Little says he'll slow down from now on.

During an investigation we revealed that Little crashed in April because police believe he was racing—at speed of 127 mph. Not only that but he reportedly left the scene.

Cuyahoga Sheriff's Deputies just gave him a ticket for speeding and having expired plates.  He's had case after case for speeding, not paying fines, and not showing up for court.

The Browns are counting on Greg Little as a big play receiver.  We went to practice to ask him about that driving.  

"When you look at the record, it almost looks like somebody who has no respect for the law.  How do you explain that," asked reporter Ed Gallek.

Little responded with, "Just me being careless not paying attention to court dates and communicating with my lawyers."

We also found that receiver Josh Gordon didn't go to court for a ticket earlier this year and then he just got another one for doing 98 mph in a 60 mph zone.

A Browns coach was not happy so the whole team was lectured.

Little says he learned from the crash but he says he was not racing and only left the scene after calling roadside assistance about his wrecked car.

Police report that Little was scared.

As for any discipline for the bad driving, the coach wouldn't talk about that.

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