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Ohio schools report cards released

Report cards are in for Ohio schools and the grades are not good, but that was expected.

While some suburban schools excelled, Cleveland schools are a big disappointment.

The Cleveland School District received nine grades in a variety of categories -- 6 F's, 2 C's and 1 D.

The poor scores for Cleveland schools are not a surprise.

School officials say the grades are for last school year and improvements under the new Cleveland plan for transforming schools are just now taking effect.

"I'm not surprised," said Ashley Steverson.

Ashley Steverson's son Demario attends Cleveland public schools. She has mixed feelings about his experience so far.

"This is his second year. He's in the second grade. His first year wasn't too good. This year I like it a little better," said Ashley.

School officials say massive teacher layoffs last year and overcrowded classrooms are just a couple of reasons why the poor grades were expected.

Shavon Moore attended Cleveland public schools and says there are so many issues at schools now other than simply learning.

"You gotta worry about teachers messing with the kids or kids jumping on the kids. Shootings and crazy stuff, so I'm not surprised," said Shavon.

Arieon Taylor summed up her experience at a Cleveland Vocational School this way: "Shop class, it was like an A. They taught us. They helped us. But class, I'd give it about a D."

Akron Public Schools had some poor results as well... 3 C's, 3 D's and 3 F's.

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